3 Common DIY Plastering Mistakes You Should Avoid

Plastering is usually done to conceal and cover up imperfections, chips and cracks on ceilings and walls. A plastering job is no walk in the park and requires extensive knowledge, experience and professional expertise. Erroneous application of plaster, filling without patching and inappropriate removal of existing plaster can escalate the damages and hamper the structural integrity of your property.

DIY plastering errors can lead to costly structural damages. Here are 3 common plastering mistakes you need to avoid to reduce damage to property and to get the job done immaculately.

Filling Without Proper Patching

When taking on a DIY plastering job, you need to understand that there is a fundamental difference between filling cracks and patching. You need to give high importance to the patching work for removing all imperfections. Just pressing plaster with amateur hands on a damaged wall or ceiling and sanding out the excess material is not the correct approach for plaster repairs and this technique is confined to filling little chips and cracks only. Professional plastering services in Newcastle means properly replacing the missing chunks with new plaster and proper levelling to leave behind a uniform surface. Faulty plastering work can lead to sagging, chipping, huge cracks, discolouration and serious structural damages.

Improper Removal of Existing Plaster

In the event that the degree of plaster damage is more severe than just little cracks, you need to properly remove a portion of stucco around the existing plaster by hiring experienced and highly skilled plasterers prior to beginning the final patchwork. When the plasters become fragile, sags and cracks may additionally debilitate the bordering stucco and this consequently will constrain you to invest additional time and effort while removing the existing or old plaster. Be that as it may, amateur homeowners disregard or forget to scrape off the existing plaster to make adequate space for fixing and end up with mediocre nature of work.

Snubbing Structural Plaster Repairs

Plater is a tough and hard-wearing compound and has less chances of getting cracked or damaged only if your walls and ceilings are free of imperfections and structurally strong. Prior to applying new plaster on surfaces, it is very important to locate structural defects, for example, holes, dents, cracks and sand out the surfaces or walls to complete the paster work perfectly without committing any errors. As a homeowner, you need to give high importance to plaster repairs and scraping off damaged plaster because the durability of the new plaster will heavily depend upon the structural integrity of your walls. If you neglect plaster repairs then it is highly likely that you will end up wasting time and money on an inferior quality of work. To get the best results, it is wise to hire professional plastering services in Newcastle.

The above-mentioned points give a clear picture about the costly plastering mistakes that you need to avoid for getting the desired results. Hire a professional plastering company if you are not confident enough to handle the work on your own.

Tips and Techniques for DIY Plastering

Plastering is an easy job only if you follow the right techniques and use the best suited equipment and tools. If you’re planning for a plastering job then it is wise to hire professional plastering services in Port Stephens. However, if you want to handle the job yourself, you need to consider these techniques and tips for proper job preparation.

Select Your Area

In the event that you are taking on a plastering job for the first time, at that point you may want to begin in a spare bedroom with a low-quality finish that can only be improved. This will definitely take the stress out of the entire work process. Keep in mind, you can plaster skim the walls several times so you can always come back to a not so perfectly done work as you improve your skills. The results of a plastering job depends upon how confident you are and this is why you need to begin in a low-pressure environment before working on your walls for the very first time. There is nothing to worry about, provided you have good DIY plastering videos to follow. Eventually you will find out that is not a long learning curve and you will be surprised to find out how good the results of your first attempt comes out.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

You will get the desired results only if you don’t compromise on the quality of the materials used. Therefore, you should never use plaster that is contaminated with anything. Keep in mind that you should never use plaster that is coming off. Since plaster is very cheap, you need to throw it away and start fresh again.

Allocate Ample Time to Get the Work Done

The plastering work advances significantly faster than people envision but it still requires time. Maximum amount of time will be needed to set up and clean away so plastering is not a job where you can take frequent breaks. You have to dedicate at least a half day (6-7 hours) at it to compensate for the time it takes to blend the plaster, cover and finish your walls and then complete the cleaning task.

Keep the Equipment Clean

Any professional and experienced plasterer will tell you to keep the equipment clean at all times. This is why you need to keep on cleaning all your tools and equipment in between the different stages of the plastering work. If your hire professional plastering services in Port Stephens, you can just sit back and relax. However, if you are doing the work on your own, you have to ensure your equipment is clean at all times. Mixed plaster sets very hard and quicker than you can imagine. You will put yourself in a mess if you plan to wash and clean the dried plaster off your equipment and buckets once you are done with your work or the next morning. Always remember that dried plaster sticks like stone and so you have to wash and clean continually as you go.

Planning the Job is Very Important

A plastering job is always a race against time. It requires proper planning and perfect execution.  By trying to plaster an entire room at once as a novice, you will end up spoiling what should be a satisfying work into a horrible experience in which nothing will be done to a good level. Plan beforehand and begin with just one surface at a time. Don’t hesitate to leave the bigger walls for the last phase of your entire work schedule. Professional plasterers always have a perfect plan and they know exactly what they want and how much they want to achieve in a single day. So, don’t get tempted to achieve more than what is logically possible.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can get the job done in a hassle-free manner. If in doubt always seek the help of professional plasterers. At Prestige Interiors & Plastering Specialists, we have rich expertise in handling plastering jobs all types, sizes and complexities.

Transform Your Home with Professional Plastering Services

Plastering dates back as being one of the oldest handicrafts within the construction industry sector but if it is done wrong it could leave the walls of your property in terrible condition. Plastering a wall or ceiling may look easy, but anyone who has had a go themselves will know just how tricky it really is. A good plasterer is so highly skilled in his or her craft that they can make the job look effortless. Smooth, creamy plaster glides onto the surface and dries out evenly and perfectly flat – but only when the job is done well.

Plastering can dramatically change the appearance of your walls. It will get rid of any dents or bumps that you have experienced whilst decorating in the past. By deciding to plaster your walls you will be giving yourself a smooth, even surface to carry out any decorating. If you have never done any plastering before it is advised that you enlist the help of a professional to undertake the plastering work that needs to be done. By using professional plastering services in Newcastle, you will be getting professional results.

From mixing up the plaster to preparing the surface to applying a smooth coat, there are many things to take into consideration. The characteristics of the surface being plastered are important too. It won’t stick to a damp or glossy surface. Knowing how to get all of these elements right is a skill that most people aren’t aware of. If you want to improve the appearance of your walls then it is advised that you take on the help of plastering contractors in Newcastle. Here are some tips to help you hire professional plastering services from a reliable plastering company.


You need to find out the companies located in and around your place to avoid incurring certain additional items of cost such as transportation, lodging etc. In case of need, a personal visit by you to their office would be easy.

Search Online

Plastering within your home or property can make a real difference to the look and feel of it. It is something that is worth investing time and money into. It is however important that you use professional plastering services in Newcastle in order to achieve the best results. Search online as most often almost all contractors worth the name do have a website giving all the relevant information. It is also easier for you to sit in one place and collect data and compare.

Customer Reviews

Talking to your friends, colleagues and others around your place will help getting customer assessments, feedback and complaints on contractors. You can check for the plastering contractors in Newcastle, who are in your zone of consideration. Another way to check client feedback is to visit popular review posting sites.


The next step would be to shortlist the plastering contractors from the many names you have obtained. Before making the shortlist, make a visit to the contractor’s office, meet some of their clients, see some of the works they have done by making a site visit and take into account their accreditations or certifications. If the local state laws call for having any license, check the same for its validity period.


After having obtained an idea of the cost, the next step for you is to call for quotes from the shortlisted plastering contractors. Quotations which are way off the mark should raise suspicion. Find out if any exclusion is there. You should ask specifically if there are any other costs payable by you directly such as any rentals, license fee, insurance cost, taxes etc.

You don’t want to end with either a cost over-run or a shoddy job. By keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, you can easily transform your property by using professional plastering services from a reliable company.

How Can Glass Partition Walls Benefit Your Workplace Financially?

There has always been a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of glass office partitions. Some managers believe the best way to get the highest work rate out of a team is to segregate them so there are no distractions whilst others believe a happy and interactive environment boosts motivation and productivity. The other consideration for many managers is whether installing glass walls around your office will provide any financial benefits. We are here to show you the financial benefits of installing glass partition walls in Medowie and how it can help your company succeed.

Efficiency – The most obvious financial reward of having glass walls throughout your office is it reduces your dependency on using all your office lighting throughout the day. If more natural light is emitted throughout your office, it means you can reduce the amount of electricity you use and if you work in an independent office block, this could save the company lots of money throughout the year.

This also has a positive effect on the environment as it will reduce the company’s carbon footprint as well as increasing energy efficiency. If you are seen as acting ethically, then it will have a positive effect on the reputation and perception of the company which could increase the companies appeal to potential clients. On top of that, your company may be eligible to a range of environmental incentives as part of your sustainability efforts.

Productivity – One of the main selling points of glass wall partitioning is that it increases motivation and productivity among your workforce, which can mean tasks are carried out quickly, and the standard of work produced can improve a great deal. If companies do not have to allocate a vast amount of time and resources on to a task or project, it will save them money and enable the company to take on more business and easily manage the extra work load.

Corporate Appeal – With many business markets appearing to be highly competitive, trying to win a new client for the company is becoming increasingly tough, and therefore you need to give yourself every possible advantage when looking to liaise with and impress a potential client.

Glass partition walls generate a comfortable and slick corporate feel for any offices, and a client will be impressed with a clean and organised office which they feel comfortable visiting for meetings or to work should the project require them to. If your company is looking to target premium brands or corporate companies, then many would suggest this change is a necessity for any business with big targets and long-term aspirations.

Flexibility – The final financial benefit of having glass partitions installed in your office is that they give you a great deal of flexibility, meaning they can easily be demounted and moved should you need extra space or if there is a need to segment an area of the office for privacy reasons. If you did need the change the layout and did not have these partitions, then you could continually keep paying for changes to the layout of your offices. De-mountable glass partition walls in Medowie are very easily dismounted and moved meaning you can continually change and redesign the layout of your office to accommodate for any unforeseeable events or circumstances.


5 Important Points to Consider When Looking for Plastering Contractors

Plastering services are always in demand. Whether it is a simple home improvement project or renovation of your bathroom, plastering plays a very important role. It is a kind of job which requires special skills and can only be done by a qualified and experienced professional. Nowadays, most of the residents make home improvements every year to increase the value of their homes. Homeowners opt for plastering services to get rid of the dull and drab look of the home and also to get a better architecture. You need to look for plastering contractors in Medowie who can offer the best services at affordable rates.

When it comes to choosing a good plastering company, there is a never ending list of points to take into consideration. However, here are some important points that will help you identify a highly professional plastering contractor.

Experience and Reputation

Look for an experienced and well-reputed plastering contractor who can carry out the home repair and renovation work perfectly. Get referral/recommendation from your local builders and then shortlist the top plastering professionals. You should make sure to hire a skilled, trained and experienced professional. You should look for someone who has experience in the same niche and enjoys an excellent reputation for quality work. If they charge you a reasonable price for the services, you should stick to them and look for no other option.

The Plastering Contractor Must Work Dedicatedly on Your Project

You will need to ascertain that the contractor will only be working on your project and not just turning up every couple of days due to other work contracts. It will be manageable if the company is sizable enough to cope with more than one job but you’ll definitely need clarification of this before you hire them.

Get Feedback from the Old or Existing Customers

After you have shortlisted some plastering contractors in Medowie, check out their old work and get feedback from the old or existing customers. Make contact with previous clients as a reference and don’t forget to confirm that the staff were tidy and always cleaned up at the end of the day. Messy contractors will drive you crazy.

Don’t forget to confirm that a full guarantee of all plastering works is part of the agreement. Clarify how long the guarantee will continue for.


In today’s fast paced world, most homeowners prefer to get the job done by expert professionals. Due to the demand of plastering services in the home improvement industry, some of the plastering contractors are charging a pretty hefty amount. Keep your budget in mind while you are looking for a plastering company for your project.

By keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, you can easily hire a reliable plastering contractor. When it comes to hiring professional plastering services in Medowie, look no further than Prestige Interiors & Plastering Specialists. With decades of industry experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we are well equipped to handle plastering jobs of all types and complexities.



Factors to Consider When Buying Suspended Ceilings

Installing suspended ceilings on your own can take quite a bit of time. Installing a suspended ceiling in a 10′ by 12′ room will require approximately 18 hours of work or longer if some unusual situations occur. This is why you should hire professional companies like Prestige Interiors & Plastering Specialists to install a suspended ceiling system in Medowie.

Suspended ceiling systems are a cheap and effective route to go if you are looking to purchase ceilings for any type of building – from homes to offices. The good thing about them is that you can get them in practically any size or shape. You also have so much control over how they are implemented as there are so many factors for you to change and consider while selecting a suspended ceiling system that best meet your needs.

Function of the Suspended Ceiling System

Suspended ceilings not only just look great in your house; they also hold many great advantages. They muffle sounds, cover up wires and cables, support lighting systems and often have fireproof characteristics. An acoustical ceiling with tiny noise-trapping holes is the ceiling of choice for noisy rooms like kitchens. Ceilings made of mineral fibre on the other hand are a good option for rooms with a possible fire hazard. But for most other purposes, a classic suspended ceiling is the best choice, as they are light-weight and easy to install.

Whether or Not the Ceiling is Likely to be Receiving Any Damage or Impact

When purchasing suspended ceiling systems in Medowie, you need to consider whether or not the ceiling is likely to be receiving any damage or impact. It is highly likely that in certain areas your ceiling is going to receive some sort of impact at times and result in tiles falling off. You need to consider this when you are choosing your ceilings as you want it to last as long as possible. If you have any doubts about this then you need to speak with your supplier and make sure the ceiling is going to make it through certain impacts that you believe are possible. If they are not going to then you need to make sure that your supplier works on this and makes your ceiling up to the impact standards that you require.

The Amount of Light the Ceiling is Going to Reflect

When looking for suspended ceilings for your place of work or anywhere else you may need to consider how much light the ceiling is going to reflect. You do not want the ceiling to reflect too much light as this can be a distraction or just be generally annoying. When you are buying, make sure that you check this in advance to installing the system as it can be a major problem once installed.

By keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, you can easily choose the best suited suspended ceiling system for your place. Prestige Interiors & Plastering Specialists is a well-reputed and reliable supplier and installer of high performance suspended ceiling systems in Medowie and the surrounding regions. We provide our clients with a complete range of suspended ceiling systems as well as hassle-free installation services.


6 Amazing Advantages Of Glass Partition Walls For Your Office Space

The differences between standard office partitions and glass partitions may seem clear, but there might be more to it than you think. Applying glass partition walls to your office in Meadowie  not just allows you to see your colleagues in the next room, there are greater benefits to standard partitions than just privacy. Have a look at all the benefits that it offers:

It increases the aesthetic appeal of your workspace

One of the biggest appeals when it comes to glass partitions is the slick and professional look produced, and for some this might be the only reason to install them. Others may be looking to create a good first impression and a positive working environment for employees.

Diverse range of options to suit your needs

The range of glass partitioning systems available is massive, and many come in customisable modules meaning you can cater for any size, shape and style to suit your office space. The best manufacturers of partitions provide bespoke designs, meaning your needs will be met perfectly.

Allows more natural light in – reduces the dependency on fluorescent light

One of the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly benefits of glass partitions are that they help to accentuate the natural light available, which can often be limited. This can almost always reduce dependency on fluorescent lighting, therefore reducing costs and increasing ‘green’ credentials.

Requires low cost to implement

Implementing glass partition walls are a much cheaper alternative than buying fully fitted traditional walls, and on top of this, this type of partition is easily demountable meaning the layout of your office can more easily be altered as your needs change.

The sound proof feature improves work efficiency

Another major benefit is the sound proof nature of modern glass partitions. This can be incredibly important for some firms in particular, for example where client confidentiality is essential. Glass partition walls can also come with partially or fully frosted glass which enables for enhanced privacy in meetings.

Increases the overall motivation in the workplace

Working in an environment where you can easily communicate with colleagues and where natural light is constantly allowed through will almost certainly boost the motivation of your work force, helping to improve work rate, the standard of work and making the office a happy and harmonious place to be.

The Importance of Plastering Services in the Home Construction Industry

Professional plastering services in Medowie are always in demand. Whether it is a simple home improvement project or renovation of your bathroom, plastering plays a very important role. It is a kind of job which requires special skills and can only be done by a qualified and experienced professional.

Nowadays, most of the residents make home improvements every year to increase the value of your home. Homeowners opt for plastering services to get rid of the dull and drab look of the home and also to get a better architecture. One can look for plastering contractors in different cities who can offer you with the best services.

The varieties of plastering services available

In today’s fast paced world, most homeowners prefer to get the job done by expert professionals. Due to the demand of plastering services in the home improvement industry, some of the professional plastering service providers are charging a pretty hefty amount.

Keep your budget in mind while you are looking for a plastering professional for your project. Different professionals work on different plastering projects on the basis of their skills and ability. Remember, a client always look for high-quality work.

Look at the following plastering projects where the professionals work:-

  • Pebble dashing
  • Rendering
  • Coving
  • Damp course Installation

How to hire the right professional plastering services in Medowie?

Look for an experienced plastering contractor who can carry out the home repair and renovation work perfectly. Get referral/recommendation from your local builders and then shortlist the top plastering professionals. After you have shortlisted check out their old work and get feedback from the old or existing customers.

Firstly, you should make sure to hire a skilled, trained and experienced professional. You should look for someone who has experience in the same niche and enjoys an excellent reputation for quality work. If they charge you a reasonable price for the services, you should stick to them and look for no other option. Online reviews can help you to hire the right professional.

The right professional plastering services in Medowie can help you get an excellent makeover. A professional contractor will give it a great finish and add appeal to it.

Cornice Design For Crown Moulding That Will Dramatically Improve Your Rooms

When decorating cornices and mouldings, although are not considered generally, can effectively contribute to a room decor. They add style and magnificence to a room.

You may think that installing cornices and mouldings can be quite expensive however, there are some great kits for you to buy which will make you seem like a pro and all can be accomplished in a weekend. These kits come with pre-cut corners and no nails required. There are several styles to choose from, up to date to classic, there’s something for all tastes. Painting of these kits is straightforward too as they come prepared and can be painted before they’re installed.

There are plenty of cornice designs for crown moulding, for example:

Plaster – these aren’t costly, but they do have downsides and they are: they can be quite heavy; can break if knocked or dropped; they’re extremely laborious and they don’t seem to be water-proof.
Polystyrene – the benefits of polystyrene products are that they are installed with a glue applicator; cost-effective and water-resistant. The drawbacks are: they can dent simply; acrylic or water-based glues can only be used; they’re going to change colour over time and need repainting; also, the patterns aren’t as clear.
Polyurethane – the benefits of this product is that they will not dent, chip or crack; any paint and glue can be employed; but they are dearer. As cornices are just for decoration, they can hide any failings in the wall and ceiling joints and cover walls and ceilings that aren’t straight.
But they’re not just for this purpose. Cornice designs for crown moulding can be used for hearth surrounds, headboards, window trims and picture frames.

Wood Cornices are functional as well as striking

They may be employed for a plate rack in a kitchen or dining room. Or dress up those tired looking kitchen cupboards, they can update your kitchen with no need to go to great cost. And you can also have that designer look to your kitchen. They may also be painted or embellished. Employing a crackle paint treatment on these cornices will give the room a cottage look.
To give your bedroom a lift there are a spread of headboard designs that are straightforward to make and will give your headboard a completely unique look and you may use fabric to reach this. Or having a plush cover over your bed, now that is romantic.
Also don’t forget the exterior of your house. Stucco mouldings and columns can be employed round the windows and doors and they can resist any temperatures. Installing them is straightforward and they’re light-weight. This look will definitely add value to your house. There are loads of places online to view cornice designs for crown moulding and it is worth the look if you’re planning to redecorate your home.

5 Decorative Plasterwork Pieces to Add a Touch of Class to Your Interior Design

Modern materials and techniques allow decorative plasterwork to be an affordable option for all. Below is a list of just 5 pieces you can use to add a touch of class to your interior design.

Plaster Ceiling Roses

While plaster ceiling roses traditionally emphasise a Victorian feel and finish, they certainly have a place in a modern interior finish. These elegant, circular ceiling pieces provide an excellent way to break up a large, plain expanse of ceiling. With a custom design these pieces can be fitted into many different design themes.

Ceiling Domes/light troughs

You may often see grand ceiling domes in hotel lobbies, reception halls, and even shopping centres. As a highly original and appealing plaster feature, a ceiling dome plays a similar role to the ceiling rose as a breaker of ceiling space. The difference with a dome is the impression of greater space. The inclusion of lamps within the dome creates a marvellous and enlightening effect. These days, ceiling domes can be cast into smaller and more affordable versions for homes.

Plaster Cornice
Providing an elegant finish to the topmost area of structures, the use of cornices has been around since classical times. The term “Cornice” suitably translates as ledge from Italian. While cornices are commonplace as ledges for the tops of buildings, they can also be applied internally to topmost areas of walls. The typical plain white colour of plaster cornices goes particularly well with bright, modern colours and can make any room feel better dressed.

Plaster Corbels

Corbels were primarily used on the outside of walls as a traditional load bearing feature. Corbels were adopted in medieval, Scottish, and even ancient Chinese architecture. While serving as an important feature on buildings, Corbels are decorated to a fine finish. So, even if they are used as a “mock support” they still add dramatic effect to square openings between rooms.


Perhaps the most eye-catching decorative plaster feature is a complete plaster arch way with columns, a keystone, and a mock support. So, if you’re after a truly unique feature for your interior design, a complete arch set is just for you!