Cornice Design For Crown Moulding That Will Dramatically Improve Your Rooms

February 16, 2020

When decorating cornices and mouldings, although are not considered generally, can effectively contribute to a room decor. They add style and magnificence to a room.

You may think that installing cornices and mouldings can be quite expensive however, there are some great kits for you to buy which will make you seem like a pro and all can be accomplished in a weekend. These kits come with pre-cut corners and no nails required. There are several styles to choose from, up to date to classic, there’s something for all tastes. Painting of these kits is straightforward too as they come prepared and can be painted before they’re installed.

There are plenty of cornice designs for crown moulding, for example:

Plaster – these aren’t costly, but they do have downsides and they are: they can be quite heavy; can break if knocked or dropped; they’re extremely laborious and they don’t seem to be water-proof.
Polystyrene – the benefits of polystyrene products are that they are installed with a glue applicator; cost-effective and water-resistant. The drawbacks are: they can dent simply; acrylic or water-based glues can only be used; they’re going to change colour over time and need repainting; also, the patterns aren’t as clear.
Polyurethane – the benefits of this product is that they will not dent, chip or crack; any paint and glue can be employed; but they are dearer. As cornices are just for decoration, they can hide any failings in the wall and ceiling joints and cover walls and ceilings that aren’t straight.
But they’re not just for this purpose. Cornice designs for crown moulding can be used for hearth surrounds, headboards, window trims and picture frames.

Wood Cornices are functional as well as striking

They may be employed for a plate rack in a kitchen or dining room. Or dress up those tired looking kitchen cupboards, they can update your kitchen with no need to go to great cost. And you can also have that designer look to your kitchen. They may also be painted or embellished. Employing a crackle paint treatment on these cornices will give the room a cottage look.
To give your bedroom a lift there are a spread of headboard designs that are straightforward to make and will give your headboard a completely unique look and you may use fabric to reach this. Or having a plush cover over your bed, now that is romantic.
Also don’t forget the exterior of your house. Stucco mouldings and columns can be employed round the windows and doors and they can resist any temperatures. Installing them is straightforward and they’re light-weight. This look will definitely add value to your house. There are loads of places online to view cornice designs for crown moulding and it is worth the look if you’re planning to redecorate your home.